iCard Poetry



This page is dedicated to digital postcards that I created back in the day when Apple still offered a variety of online services connected to.Mac: iCards being one of those. ‘Among the various casualties from the. Mac to MobileMe Switch was the loss of iCards, a simple online greeting card feature of .Mac that let users select a topical card for various occasions to customize and e-mail to a friend. iCards made up one of the features that Apple retired when MobileMe assumed the throne, even though they weren’t restricted to .Mac subscribers’. 

During a critical time in my life when I was unemployed and transition from Los Angeles to Colorado, I spent roughly 9 months writing poetry which became a manuscript of approximately 175 poems. I called the collection: ‘How I Spent My Nervous Breakdown’ (HISMNB). The writing of these poems took place daily, longhand in pencil, and with final drafts being ‘typed’ afterward. The whole process was quite therapeutic, and I was indeed experiencing a breakdown of sorts, but this creative process, along with guitar, swimming, cooking, and resting stabilized my emotional derailment (also of sorts). 

In the collection: HISMNB, the poems are of different lengths, some long, some short, but mostly vignettes that were to the point. Many were quirky, many somewhat confessional. There was quite a bit of silliness, but also some deep reflective distillations of what I was experiencing at the time. Los Angeles was in a state of racial upheaval due to the Watts riots and the incident with the beating of Rodney King (caught on film). All of this was going on in the background during my personal catharsis. 

What I like about the iCard format was that is was small: offering half of the the card for an image and the other half for text (limited to a small number of characters). There also was a cool postmark that was dated and indicated that the card was posted in Cupertino, CA which is the home of Apple. Having completed the manuscript of How I Spent My Nervous Breakdown (which is available in a custom format should one be interested), I began creating a collection of iCards for the next 2 or so years. The artwork provided by Apple for the digital postcards really sucked. But there was an option to fly in your own artwork which I did. Also, the space provided on the right side of the card (which was a tad bit smaller than the left side of the card which contained the image) could accommodate about 60 words at the most (contingent on font selection).

I liked this challenge, as many of the poems from HISMNB were considerably longer, and this gave me an opportunity to distill the original poems and get right to the point. Both versions, however: the original and the edited have merit. Among the iCards, there is a small group that was distilled from a collection of poems called: ‘Poetry My Ass’ which I wrote specifically for my late sister-in-law who had cancer; and I was sending her in addition to the whole body of works these additional silly iCards that had a variety of images of donkeys accompanied by ridiculous commentaries meant to cheer her up. 

If you resonate with the enclosed iCards please feel free to copy them. If you are interested in the original manuscript, feel free to contact me and I will create a customized manuscript for you. Think Charles Bukowski meets Dr. Seuss, with a bit of Ogden Nash thrown in and you’ll get the idea. rP

Some of the various signatures:

 How I Spent My Nervous Breakdown 

Poetry My Ass

From The Desk of Dick Prickoff


rP Yingity Yangity 

Dweller and Room

sawing wood



golden guru

work of forgotten men

endless summer

i make no claim

day after tomorrow

coming of age


and i can sing!!



No Man’s An Island

be still

One Night Only

happy hour

Blue Guitar

in my mind


blind man


eight directions


empty galleries

Extraordinary Man


fear’s motherlode

first the pudding


Tavern Door


Frosty Must Die


hokie pokie

I Go Bye Bye Now

impulse item



make it so



Mr. Bigalow

my liege


night rain

not do i prefer


Point to Point


Ram and Babe

restful is the merging of the day

ring it

rush hour



speckled hen

Shut the Fuck Up (Won’t You Now?)



strapped on

stroke of one

swept away

swinging doors

Take This Coat!


test drive

the song of gulls

they nod

this and that


to own a shadow


wax and wane

we 5 men

wet horizon

What is the Sound?

what say yee?

what’s that dear?

when my ship comes in

Whence & Wither

Wooden Man


Yes! Mr. Peikoff

yesh sahib, yes

yon & hither


when my fears arise, on any given day,

i feel the rush of anxiety;

and breaking with propriety,

aye aye! withdraw from society.

all because of anxiety..

anxiety, anxiety.

when i was young i yelled a lot.

i cried a lot, and i ran a lot.

but i also played the guitar a lot.

guitar a lot, guitar a lot.

now i’m older, i’ve aged somewhat 🙂

i no longer yell, but i cry, so what!

i’m ‘running’, ‘still’, and i’m still a nut:

a betel nut, a hickory nut,

a buffalo nut, a coconut.

but i still play guitar, play guitar a lot.

this helps with my sobriety;

and also my anxiety!

and sometimes for variety…

i rhyme a lot, i rhyme a lot!

after all it’s not a crime a lot,

in fact it’s quite sublime a lot…

to rhyme a lot, to rhyme a lot!!

i put the lime in the coconut,

and drank ’em both together,

i drank ’em both up,

Woo Woo i feel better!

POETRY MY ASS  COLLECTION : Silly Poems Sent to My Dear Sister-in-Law While in Hospice Care

(In Memory of Dee (Posner) Zenith: ICUCharge R.N. @ St. John’s, Santa Monica, CA :: Dedicated 47 Years)

An Ass and a Half

My Ass is Part Irish

Ass Freche

4 Asses

My Little Ass

1st Class Ass

Grande Sombrero


Your Face, My Ass!